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Giving positive verbal rewards encourages acceptable behavior. This reinforces a child’s good feeling about his/her behavior and serves as an example to the children to act in such a way as to receive praise.  Asking a child to stop and think about their behavior enables the child to work at self-control. 

All behavior occurs for a reason.  We hope to recognize and resolve the issue BEFORE a child acts out.  However in the times that this cannot be achieved the following methods will be utilized. 

1. Ignoring: Some negative behavior is produced by a child to get attention. It can be stopped when it does not get the attention desired. We will use this technique unless a safety issue is involved.

2. Redirection: We offer alternatives to children engaged in undesirable behavior by

presenting a different toy or activity.

3. Verbal Intervention: We explain to the child the inappropriate behavior and show

him/her the appropriate way to handle the situation with words.

4. Logical Consequences: We help the child understand the logical consequence of

his/her actions by removing the object or activity in which the child is engaged.

5. Take a Break: The child is separated from the group to allow him/her to relax and

calm down, and to help him/her not to be influenced by peers. The child will have

access to limited activities and be closely monitored. The child may return to the

group as soon as the negative behavior stops or is significantly reduced. If 'Take a

Break' occurs constantly or not working then the child’s parent will be asked to come and pick

up the child.