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Promoting good health and safety is a goal at daycare. To prevent the spread of childhood

diseases and illness please do not bring your child that is ill to the daycare.

If your child comes down with a communicable disease you need to notify me right away.

Children with a contagious illness will not be allowed in daycare until they are properly

medicated. A child must be on the antibiotic 24 hours before returning to the daycare or as doctor advised if longer.

Sense of Wonder Child Care will exclude any child who exhibits any of the following:

1. Fever of 100 degrees or higher. (Needs to be fever free for 24 hours)


2. Diarrhea (2 or more stools while here that differ from normal bm) *

3. Vomiting (2 or more times during the day) *

4. Draining rash anywhere on the body – must be gone before returning

5. Eye discharge – Pink eye or from a cold- must be gone before returning

6. Lice or nits – can return only after being free of them for 24 hours *

7. Communicable disease: chicken pox, measles, etc. must be gone before

returning to daycare

8. Consistent complaints of ear, stomach or headaches, or other pain

9. Any color of nasal discharge, it must be clear before returning to daycare

unless it is a severe clear runny nose, then they need to remain home until it

becomes a mild runny nose – wiping it less than every 15 minutes or so.

10. Severe coughing- congested, with phlegm, gets red in the face, gags, throws

up, or high pitched whooping or croup sounds – must be mild before returning

to daycare.

Even a child that is too tired to participate in normal daily activities or requiring more

attention than usual should be kept at home. Example, excessive runny nose: I would have

to be constantly wiping the nose, washing my hands and the child’s hands, and any toys they

may have touched as well. This is taking more time than usual and away from our daily

activities and the other children. Please call ahead if you are unsure on whether to bring

your child, let me be the one to decide.

Before returning your child to daycare they MUST BE free of all

symptoms for 24 hours from the last onset of symptom.